Invest in People and the Planet

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Buy First Aid for the Planet

Demonstrate to society your commitment to fighting climate change and promoting sustainable development by purchasing carbon credits from MJUMITA Community Forest Projects.

Deforestation is responsible for roughly 15% of global annual greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector. Fortunately, this problem can be addressed today. Purchasing carbon credits from MJUMITA Community Forest Projects helps rural communities in Tanzania move away from destructive farming practices and turn forest conservation into a profitable business.

You can choose to have MJUMITA retire carbon credits on your behalf or transfer credits to you for retirement at a later date.

For more information, please contact us at: carbon@mjumita.org

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Empower Rural Communities

The heart of MJUMITA Community Forest Projects strategy is to empower rural communities. MJUMITA helps rural communities secure their forest tenure through participatory land use planning, establishing community-based forest management, and strengthening local governance.

As the owners of the forest and the carbon credits they generate, participating communities retain at least 60% of the revenue generated from carbon credit sales.

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Drive Sustainable Development

Revenue from carbon credits allows communities to establish a low carbon path to development.

Communities typically decide to spend their revenue on a mix of individaul cash dividends that help residents improve farm productivity or invest in new livelihoods, and development projects that improve local social services such as schools, health clinics, and water wells.

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs

Carbon credits sold by MJUMITA are verified by qualified third parties against the Verified Carbon Standard (www.v-c-s.org), the most rigorous standard in the world for verifying emissions savings from avoided deforestation. The project is also verified under the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standards (www.climate-standards.org).

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Protect Rare Species

The project sites include East African Coastal and Afromontane Forest, some of the most biologically unique and threatened forest in the world. By incentivizing communities to protect these forests, you are also contributing to the conservation of critically endangered species such as the Rondo Dwarf Galago (pictured above).


MJUMITA Community Forest Projects currently consists of 10 villages in Lindi District and 18 villages in Kilosa and Mpwapwa districts covering a combined area of 170,000 ha of forest.

MJUMITA Community Forest Project Sites

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To know more about MJUMITA, please contact:

The Executive Director
Tanzania Forest Community Network
Old Bagamoyo Road
Plot No. 323, Msasani Village
P.O. Box 21522
Dar-es-Salaam - Tanzania.

Website: www.mjumita.org
Email: carbon@mjumita.org